What’s the Point of Keyword Research?

Laptop screen showing keyword clustering in python

Keyword research for the sake of keyword research is not useful. What you get is a spreadsheet with 1000’s of rows of words.

What keyword research needs to do is tell a story and give narrative. You need to be able to understand the search landscape for a vertical with actionable insights in totality that’s easily digestible for humans.

In order to do to this you need to be able to quantify all those queries into digestible clusters or categories.

This is also useful for reporting for when key stakeholders ask how rankings are going. You can pull out keyword categories which create great anecdotes for the business.

You do not have to manually tag each keyword, with Python, machine learning or software can do this automatically.

Here’s various resource on how to do this:

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Author: Daniel Liddle

Global SEO expert specialising in strategy, content, data, tech and automation.