About me

This site is a showcase of content for any articles or webinars I’ve participated in. You can find out a little bit about me below.

Who is Daniel Liddle?

Daniel Liddle is a London-based digital marketer in residence specialising in search engine optimisation (SEO). Previously working in production for TV/Film moving on to digital marketing with over 6 years of experience with specialisms in SEO, content and analytics. Keynote speaker at BrightonSEO and SEMrush focusing on machine learning in SEO. Lead on successful SEO strategies for established brands such as Unilever, BrewDog, IWG and The Body Shop.

What is SEO innovation? 

SEO innovation is utilising key technologies for automation and general insight gathering. Utilising machine learning.

How to contact?

Any questions feel free to contact info@daniel-liddle.com