Getting SEO tasks prioritised with developers

Example of prioritisation matrix

It’s key when using any type of resource whether that’s in-house or client that you give clear strategic narrative and precedence to tasks which will see results quicker. 

This helps building key relationships with developers.

Using a prioritisation matrix we can make a custom logic to how we formulate tasks in a sprint or throughout the year that goes beyond tech. The foundations of which are built on these initial pillars:

– Business Value: Est. impact it will drive based on forecasting potential revenue/user increase.
– Resource: How laborious the task may be.
– Strategic Value (Optional): Business objectives beyond revenue and traffic. Essentially a vanity metric.
– Cost (Optional): Potential to create a cost model for full ROI.

Scoring each activity with this in context will give you a clear priority order with low cost & high value activity descending. 

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If you have any other tips for working with developers feel free to drop a comment.

Author: Daniel Liddle

Global SEO expert specialising in strategy, content, data, tech and automation.